2015 – 2016 Kia Rio Hatchback Reviews

2015 – 2016 KIA Rio – At the Paris Motor Show 2014 turns out not only the Kia Sorento just released by the original manufacturer in South Korea, but the Kia Rio 2015 was also launched on a show which takes place in the France. Of course the new look of the Kia Rio is more elegant and sporty thanks to the presence of some refreshment in the exterior as well as the good above the cabin space and new features. If we look from his face characteristic of Kia Rio auto IE Tiger Shark is still retained and only experienced a few changes compared to the previous model for example design front grille is now more beautiful and modern.

The most basic is on a modified bumper new model which has the accent more calm compared to the previous model. While the shape of the grille and the headlights were not subjected to revision at all when compared to the previous model. Funny thing is the location of the fog lamp KIA Rio Facelift 2015 is hidden at the bottom of the bumper accent now has two lines that make it look sportier. Front bumper air holes have now made similar to the KIA Picanto facelift of nonuse.

2015 Kia Rio Hatchback

To boost performance, KIA also give model alloy wheels new designs like the windmills are happening lately with the duo tone combination grey and steel finishing. Size alloy wheels are also available in 3 sizes ranging from 15, 16 to 17 inches. In addition to the alloy wheels, side cars we will not find another revision at all. It’s just that KIA added two new paint options that consists of a Blue and Yellow Digital Urban bolder and looks adorable. Maybe for some people this color will be towing a concern.

On the rear of the body, such as the shape of the front of the car. We will not find such a significant revision of the front body. The combination of rear lamp and back door models are not subjected to revision at all. But in the rear bumper, KIA Rio is now experiencing significant revision with use of the bumper of the new model is more notable because it has a plastic with black doff. With this new bumper model Kia Rio looks wider although we think her new bumper design was not everyone’s taste buds.

2015 – 2016 Kia Rio Interior

Enter into the interior, we will find new interior color combinations that are more elegant with hues of black, Brown and finishing using piano black more luxurious. Ventilation AIR CONDITIONING grilles and some detailing also get aluminum finish that looks like chrome. There is a change in the interior of the KIA Rio facelift, especially in terms of entertainment. At the center of our cluster will find audio of the DAB with a screen 7 inch GPS Navigation and finding a faster route.

2015 Kia Rio Door Trim

In addition we will find the design of digital AC knob and screen were made simpler when compared to the previous model. Sadly the KIA has yet to give more complete information about what features are added into this car. 2015 KIA Rio facelift continues to get the same engine range from 1,400 cc engines powered 75Ps and 109 Ps with transmission 6 speeds manual or 4 speeds automatic. The latest feature added to his machine on the KIA Start/Stop technology 2nd generation with an Automatic Start-Stop.

The share of new and surplus look more modern, this car could have been able to compete with other vehicles to competitors such as the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz which is currently still continue to dominate market hatchback United States. We just wait further development!

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