Jaguar Coupe Redesign

20015 Jaguar Coupe Redesign

20015 Jaguar Coupe Redesign – The actual F-Type Coupé’s physique part is manufactured out of some sort of single-piece alloy pressing, by far the most excessive cold-formed alloy physique part from the car market, removing the necessity with regard to a number of solar panels along with plastic joint parts. The actual roof section by itself is available in sometimes alloy or maybe panoramic goblet type. Any deployable back spoiler […]

2015 Jaguar XE red

2015 Jaguar XE Review, Spec and Price

2015 Jaguar XE Review, Spec and Price – Jaguar released additional information about the XE model to be introduced in the upcoming September 8 in London. According to Jaguar, the structure of the new XE model body 75% made from aluminium which not only makes the vehicle more lightweight but also increase the torsional stiffness of the vehicle. Jaguar XE is the world’s first car that makes use of high-strength […]

Jaguar XF 2 inside

Review Jaguar XF 2 – The Brit Artistry

Till 2015 model, Jaguar XF was built on the platform of Jaguar- S and had some age to it. Beneath the posh and luxurious cover there was an old world grace and charm. Still, the ageing tag was worrisome to the team of Jaguar. Come 2016 model, and the new Jaguar is completely redesigned from a new frame, new and advanced tech and some appealing interiors. Review Jaguar XF 2 […]

Honda Civic Type-R front

Review Honda Civic Type R – The New Hot Hatch around the Block

The new hot hatch from the Honda took its time to arrive and this new apotheosis is going to enthral some and daunt some. It has the same engine as the previous version albeit some calibrations and adjustments. Review Honda Civic Type – R, the new personification launched in Geneva motor show, is set to diversify opinions. The External Persona – Review Honda Civic Type – R The new look […]

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Coupe

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 – The legend of the name Murcielago backtracks to 1879 when a bull by that name survived 24 sword strokes of a champion bullfighter and battled on. The bull was discharged to opportunity and has been respected by loaning its name to a standout amongst the most influential and energetic autos of cutting edge times. This is a two-seat, two-entryway sports auto that was created by Lamborghini somewhere […]

KIA Sorento 3 inside

Review KIA Sorento 3 – Comfort is within the Reach now

Review KIA Sorento 3 in this highly competitive world of mid-segment SUV to realize it is not really close to being the leader of the pack. Nor does it turn the proverbial heads with its looks. However, there are some very fine points that this 4 wheeler carries which do make a case for having a relook at its specifications. The Power Train – Review KIA Sorento 3 The new […]

2015 BMW 7 Series Specs

2015 BMW 7 Series Specs 2015 BMW 7 Series Specs – This 2015 BMW 7-Series is exceptionally quick in addition to computer superior, and also quite high-class in addition to splendidly at ease. This article just for 2015 BMW 7 Series Specs and no price if u want to see price of 2015 BMW 7 you can see in here or in New Cars 2015 BMW 7 Series. 2015-BMW-7-Series-Specs You […]

2015 Chevy Camaro SS Specs

How is the Specification of 2015 – 2016 Chevy Camaro SS?

The 2015 – 2016 chevy camaro ss will answer all questions about the best sport car in this world. If you are searching the good car, this is the best answer. You will know why we say like that. There are several good points of this modern car. You should know about that.  But after knowing about the specification, you should go to the dealer. Ask the dealer to explain in detail […]