All-New 2015 Honda CR-V Review and Prices

2015 Honda CR-V has officially released. The latest generation of 2015 Honda CR-V version of the American market is very stylish and elegant, also could be said even more fresh than ever before despite the changes given are not too much. Nevertheless the price offered by the American Honda cars SUVS later this turned out to be not too high i.e. only USD 23.320. If you observe carefully the most noticeable change is in the future as new bumpers and fog lamps come with, then there is also the main lamp brings LED technology lighting is given so much better and not to Miss also the chrome accents in some parts.

In the meantime the space goes to goto the switch also looks more modern, thanks to somenew additions for example channels the air vents at the rear of the console and also not to missas many as one-way seats settings so that add a sense of comfort for its passengers. And most importantly that the presence of a 7 inch sized display serves to display various information about the Honda CR-V the Facelift.

2015 Honda CR-V Refresh

All-New 2015 Honda CR-V

All-New 2015 Honda CR-V provided with petrol engine capacity of 2,400 cc 4-cylinder enginethat can create energy up to 184 hp at 6400 rpm and peak torque of 22 Nm at 3900 rpm. The kitchen of the runway system combined with the CVT and all-wheel drive or there is also the option of front wheels only.

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