Review: 2015 – 2016 Honda HR-V Release Date, Specs and Prices

2015 Honda HR-V or frequently touted Baby CR-V will be debuting in September at the International Motor Show in 2014. Honda HR-V prepared Honda Prospect Motor to compete in the crossover class that has been circulating in the market as the Nissan Juke and Suzuki SX-4. In addition there is also a class of compact SUV Toyota Rush, inhabited by the Ford EcoSport, and Daihatsu Terios, which is attached to the rest of the class crossover.

Carrying the concept of Dynamic Cross Solid exterior design 2015 Honda HR-V more character with sharp lines and curves intermingle in the body of the car and the main lights plus the use of LEDS on each side make 2015 Honda HR-V looks more handsome and elegant. The top resembling a coupe delivers excellent aerodynamics, while the lower body of a similar SUV delivers high stability.

2015 Honda HRV Front Interior

From the interior side developed from the concept of ‘ cockpit ‘, very expandable feels the comfort of the cabin interior and optimization of 2015 Honda HR-V, which apply the cabin materials are of fine quality, such as housing is soft (padded), as well as upholstery fabric material which is capable of removing heat thereby increasing sense of comfort while driving.

The instrument panel blends perfectly with the dashboard so it feels more spacious cabin. In the meantime, the presence of the center console with a high design creates space personal between front and rear passengers more beautiful especially with the drink that is flexible in the center console. The passenger seat is made of luxury sedan. Maximize the corner seat upholstery are optimized to fit the human body posture so more convenient. Especially when it traveled far.

Crossover should be easily maneuverable and controllable. That’s two advantages that should be owned by a crossover. 2015 Honda HR-V has a minimum Swivel range 5.3 m. Distance is claimed Honda makes it easy for users of HR-V to do maneuvers in the small, densely (urban), or when wishing to park your vehicle. Honda HR-V has many advantages, especially if the driving position made a sedan. This completes the design of the Honda HR-V which resembles that of a coupe.

2015 Honda HRV Blue Colors

2015 – 2016 Honda HR-V Specs and Price

The plan there will be two models of the machine with 7 variants for cars that have a different name, i.e., the Honda-engined Vezel 1.5-liter i-VTEC and 1.8-liter i-VTEC, with variants of the HR-V 1.5 A M/T, HR-V 1.5 S M/T, HR-V 1.5 A/E T CVT, HR-V 1.5 A/T CVT S., HR-V 1.8 E A/T CVT, HR-V 1.8 S A/T CVTHR-V and RS 1.8 A/T CVT. As for pricing, Honda HR-V 2015 plan at a low $20,000 range.

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