Review Audi RS 3 – The Hyperhatch

Audi RS 3, launched in 2011, was a one of its kind car. Take a hatchback team it up with the performance of a sports car and voila! The hyper sportback was born. The outgoing RS 3 gave 300 horsepower. The car was dubbed as boring, inert, and clumsy. The new car is everything that the older version was not. It has the grip, the straight-lined agility, the stability and practicality of a hyper hatch. You can review Audi RS 3 for all its performance as it is an everyday use sportback.

Review Audi RS 3 – An Overview

Audi RS3 back

With Audi assurance of quality, this car has some wow factor as compared to its rivals. Set against Mercedes A45 AMG and the Volkswagen Golf R as its new competitors, it is up for some stiff challenge. The outgoing model had an issue with weight distribution to its rear wheels on time, thus causing the car to understeer while playing a curve. The new model uses the Haldex four wheel drive technique, and there is a multi-plate clutch in the rear axle which distributes proper weight distribution when required.

Styling of New Audi RS 3

The interior of Audi RS 3 was already glorious, but the new model has made it awe-inspiring with rich Alcantara-and-leather amalgamation. The red closing flaps in dash vents, the aluminium pedal, and carbon shelled backrest, leather clad diamond shaped patchwork on the body contouring seats, all look in place. The new model has retained most of all that was good in the outgoing model like the sliding MMI screen on top of the dashboard, the GPS unit, command and safety controls, and gets some of its own goodies too. It gets a new launch-control system, an oil-pressure gauge, a lap timer, and a turbocharger boost gauge.

Audi RS3 red

The vehicle uses a mix of steel-aluminium to make it lighter than before. In spite of the increase in power, performance, and torque, the car is lighter by 55Kg which makes it more fuel efficient and economical with claimed economy and emissions of 34.9mpg and 189g/km respectively. The front bumper gets a new silver blade fitting and the exhaust pipes at the rear are wide and oval. The front fenders are wider, and there are larger air intakes which are attached together with wing like structure. When you review Audi RS 3, you will find that the styling changes done and subtle are tasteful.

Engine and Drive

The drive is bedecked with a 2.5 litre, five cylinders, super charged with single turbo engine which gives 367 horsepower which is 27 more than the previous model. A torque of 343 lb-ft from 1625 to 5550 rpm makes it accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 4.3 seconds. The engine also makes a guttural sound that is further enhanced by throttle-blipped downshifts in the transmission’s Sport mode. The soundtrack is specific but may get on nerves for some after a point. The newly fitted ceramic brakes are good too. And it boasts of a new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. The pair of the engine and gearbox is amazing. However, the absence of a manual gearbox is felt in the automatic version.

Review Audi RS 3 and you will feel that this car does have some force under its belt. Still, with its price tag, it may excite with the neurons of the buyers to run through the option list.

5 Photos of the Review Audi RS 3 – The Hyperhatch

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