Review BMW X5 M (F85) and BMW X6 M (F86)

BMW is known to take its cars seriously, and its cars are always a class above. The company has lifted the curtains from its M Powered BMW X6 M and the mechanical twin BMW X5 M. Review BMW X5 M (F85) and BMW X6 M (F86) takes a look.

BMW are the avant-gardes in the SUV section and drove the competitors to follow them in coming to the level of sleekness in their vehicles. The M powered BMW X6 M and BMW X5 M do not look like an authentic SUV. They are more refined than that.

BMW X6 M F86 inside

The Power packed Show – Review BMW X5 M (F85) and BMW X6 M (F86)

According to Review BMW X6 M (F86), it is one of the most powerful SUVs and gives any sports car, a run for their money. Both the M powered cars are packed with 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, which kicks up a dizzying 567 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. The eight-cylinders, direct-injection, and TwinScroll turbochargers work together in perfect melody to generate all that power. As a result, it accelerates pretty fast. It can accelerate from 0-62 is 4.2 seconds, and can gallop 1000 meters in just 22 secs. Astounding for a SUV! Review BMW X5 M(F85) says it is expected to deliver a max power of 575 horsepower. Both the new launches have done some weight shedding, thus improving on the mileage. And that is not all. Review BMW X6 M(F86) to see there is a new- fangled exhaust that keeps the blowers continuously spinning and thus it helps to control the speed accurately. This ensures that the vehicle has quick reflexes on the bend and curves on the drive.

The Inner and the Outer Beauty

BMW X5 M (F85) blue

Review BMW X5 M(F85) is expected to clash with the Mercedes ML63 AMG and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. It carries forward the concept of a utility vehicle but is larger in size at 192.1 inch in length, 78.1 inch wide, 67.1 inch height, and 115.5 inch wheel base. It has larger air intakes, rear diffuser, blue M brakes, and cross drilled rotors. It has a facelift, where double grated kidney grills are fitted in front. At the rear end it has the quad exhaust pipes.

Looking at the Review BMW X6 M(F86), it  is stylish with sloping fastback style roof. It is built for performance and it just gives that. The front look is mean with wide aeration spaces which are meant to cool the machine. It too has the double kidney grills, double bars, and large intake below pack flaps. It is bigger than its twin brother BMW X5 M with 193.3 inch in length and 78.3 inch in width. Height is lower than the twin at 66.5 inch and the wheelbase remains the same.

The interiors of both the cars are in sync with the luxury of BMW’s, with leather-trimmed instrument panel, electric front seats, professional navigation, BMW’s Connected Drive and DAB. However, BMW X6 M has a smaller cargo space and will be a nuisance for very tall customers.

Keeping all the speed, power, and practicality in mind, BMW X5 M may be a better buy with a cheaper price tag attached to it. But if you want that extra edge and the desire to be different, BMW X6M is your piece.

7 Photos of the Review BMW X5 M (F85) and BMW X6 M (F86)

BMW X6 M (F86) 4BMW X6 M F86 insideBMW X6 M F86 backBMW X6 M F86 frontBMW X5 M whiteBMW X5 M (F85) greyBMW X5 M (F85) blue