Review BMW X6 (F 16) – The Opulent Big Brother

The opulent muscle is the word to describe this giant. When BMW decided to combine the convertible and a sports car to bring out the world’s first sports-activity drive, it was a big bet and something that the market had not yet heard off. But the bet certainly paid off. With 250,000 X6 sold to date, BMW excitedly decided to bring in its new version of big muscular brother. The Review BMW X6 (F16) looks at its updated version to find out what’s new.

Review BMW X6 (F 16) – The Outlook

BMW X6 (F16) cabin

The first thing that hits you about this car is its sheer size, which makes other cars look diminutive. The muscular and strong built is refined, with fluid and a sleeker line, which makes it look more agile. The front of the car is aggressively designed with larger dual grills and bigger headlights. The bumper with X- shaped curved contours, huge air intake and with matte-silver underbody is massive. Side profile is more defined with sharper contours and the back roof is sloping. Overall the car is 1.18 inch longer, 1 inch wider, 0.11 inch, giving it the look of muscled mean machine. Customers have a choice of 2 non-metallic and 9 metallic color shades for the body work.

The Luxurious Interior

Beautifully furnished with rich top of the end leather, it feels strikingly extravagant. But the actual eye catcher is the new digital dash board with a clear, stratified design. The ambient light now has a choice between orange/white to blue/white themes, which makes things more interesting. The new digital panel has two 10.2 inch wide screens. One operates the GPS and the other can be used for your entertainment. The steering wheel feels plush with the leather covered dash and is garnished with control buttons for your infotainment, which are quite easier to operate. The front and rear both have large leg room, though the sloping roof creates a cramped headspace for the back passengers. The storage capacity has increased but is still a small space and is not as spacious as it should. Then there is xline interior design package. But as per Review BMW X6 (F16) if you can afford that extra premium, it will definitely give you that exclusive semblance in this otherwise SUV cramped world.

BMW X6 (F16) back

Power Punch

The new versions X6 sDrive35i and X6 xDrive35i are powered by 3.0 litre Twin Power Turbo engines with 85 litre fuel tanks, which give a peak torque of 300 lb-ft, and a max output of 300 hp. Then there is X6 50i, with Twin power turbo V8, which hits 100km/h in just 4.8 seconds, that is 0.4 seconds faster than the outgoing brother. Review BMW X6 (F16) claims that this is not a joke to see sheer adrenaline pumping in. The 20 inch alloy wheels draped with 275/40 front run flat tyres and 315/35 rear run-flat tyres cling to the ground and gives a truly sports car feel.

The newer version comes at a steep price increase of $5000, but the makers can defend it with newer and better rewards. Though, it has some little shortcomings like small storage space, cramped headspace for back row, smaller rear window, but the positives are way ahead. With excellent driving assistance features, this car can practically drive itself on the road. You just manage the lane and it will sail you through. Don’t break a sweat as the radar sensors in its front will make sure the car comes to still in time. And this car is safe too. Review BMW X6 (F16) finds it is fun, exciting, and daring to be driven.

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