Review Cadillac CT6 – The Power train

Cadillac is pulling its weight in the market. This 113 year old luxury brand is bringing the combat to its rivals. It is all set to revamp itself in with a stream of luxury cars lined up till 2020. With the reflection of giving its German competitors some sleepless nights, Cadillac lifted the mantilla of its CT6 in the swankyNew York International Auto Show in 2015. Review Cadillac CT6 to find out whether it will satisfy Cadillac’s aspirations or not, but it is out to render that much awaited competition.

The Exoteric Look – Review Cadillac CT6

Cadillac CT 6 inside

It is not flashy but elegant in a subtle way. The front looks firm like carved out of a solid chunk of metal. The frontal running lamps have been bloated to make it big, and they kind of pierce over the fenders to frame the grill which is broad and emphasized, and then the front is ornamented with an oversized Cadillac badge. The side profile is clean with defined lines and nothing extra has been added to disturb the clean edgy artful taste. The rear end is muscular with an angular styling. The sedan has a length of 204 inch, a width of 74 inches; height is 57.9 inch and a wheelbase of 122.4 inch. The complete body work is of aluminium and mixed material, causing a curb weight loss of 218 pounds to weigh at a total of 3700 pounds.

The Gallops in the Interior

Made up of rich leather, wood, and carbon fibre, it lives up to your expectations. It offers good space and ample storage with legroom stretching to 40.4 inches in the backseat. The backseats are tilting, tuned to give lumbar massage and has four zone temperature controls. The widgets include a 10.2 inch screen powered with CUE infotainment system, though it was not very successful in the previous models. The sound system is superb with 34-speaker Bose stereo system. Wi-Fi hotspot, USB ports, mobile chargers are in front console as well as the backseat armrest. The backseat infotainment includes 10 inch retractable screens plus an additional touch pad in the armrest. Another video is an LCD in the rear-view mirror which has a 3600eagle eye view all around the car. Review Cadillac CT6 to realize how it makes you feel kingly inside.

Cadillac CT 6 front

The Drive – Review Cadillac CT6

There is choice of three engines in CT6: a turbocharger 4-cylinder 2.0-liter, and two V6 engines, one 3.6-liter and another 3.0-liter twin turbo giving 265 bhp, 335 bhp, and 400 bhp respectively. All of them are paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission. It also retains the Regen on Demand system from ELR coupe which can be activated by using the paddles on the steering wheel.

The car is going green with an 18.4 kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack located between the rear seat and the trunk. And it can be easily charged with a common outlet.

The V6 engines in the CT6 are not very exceptional and rather considered meagre for the luxury sedan, but it compensates with the power in store and the technology of course.

Although it does not crack any almanac, but it gives splendor a new dimension. It could do with more cylinder power but it has class, comfort, and is truly a luxury sedan to crave for.

5 Photos of the Review Cadillac CT6 – The Power train

Cadillac CT 6 blackCadillac CT 6 backCadillac CT 6 insideCadillac CT 6 frontCadillac CT 6 car