Review Ferrari 488 GTB – The Prancing Horse

22 April 2015 saw the famous prancing horse logo unveil their latest offering – the Ferrari 488 GTB. Not so long ago the Ferrari team promised that all its future engines would be turbocharged. The powertrain of the 488 GTB is an ode to that promise. This latest offering from the Italian carmaker is more than a worthy successor to the much adored Ferrari 588 Italia.

Review Ferrari 488 GTB to know that for the chosen few in Europe, the deliveries would start in July 2015 while the elite population in the United States would have to wait till the later part of 2015 to lay their hands on this beauty

Ferrari 488 GTB back

Review Ferrari 488 GTB – The Robust Engine

As compared to the 458, the 488 goes in with an eight cylinder V-8 engine but with a slightly reduced displacement of 488 cubic centimeters per cylinder. Thus the eight cylinders displace 3902 cc in total. The engine churns out a mammoth 661 HP at 8000 RPM which is much more than that produced by the 458 despite having a smaller engine displacement as compared to its predecessor. The torque, consequently, is a gut wrenching 561 pounds per feet at 3000 RPM. Generally whenever the engine carries the label of “Turbo charged” it usually carries along the burden of a turbo lag too. This entails a little time gap before the turbo clicks in. However the Maranello carmaker claims that the 488 engine would have a zero turbo lag because of the various tweaks they have instituted into the engine.


Ferrari 488 GTB car

It is always fun to play the number crunching game with this prancing horse. And the 488 is no different. It hits 0 to 62 mph in a miserly 3.2 seconds and if the engine is gunned further, which I am sure will, it reaches 124.3 mph in 8.4 seconds. Top speed evens out at a whopping 203 mph which is marginally better than that of the 458. Review Ferrari 488 GTB to realize that it is an absolute pleasure and a pride to take out on the road.


The 488 is about 1.6 inches longer and 0.6 inches wider than the 458. The forged 20 inch wheels are 18 pounds lesser than those of the 458 and the overall dry weight stands at 3020 pounds.

The Classy Interiors

With the Daytona style seats and a multifunction steering wheel, the interiors are bright and inviting. The steering wheel has the controls for lights, wipers, turn signals, and a whole lot more. The unit comes with a 12 speaker, 1280 watt speaker system.


No official announcements have been made about the pricing of this new plexi glass covered beauty but a rough estimate of $ 250,000 is being made. But then it is all guess work as of now.

The Configurator

For prospective clients and the aficionados, the company has launched the 488 GTB Configurator. One can go online, log into the configurator, and choose between the multitudes of options available for the car. This includes different tires and their designer hubs, color schemes, and various interior modifications.

The Italian car maker has surely churned out another winner and a worthy rival to the Lamborghini Huracan and the McLaren 650S.

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