Review Ford Focus 3 RS – The Hot Hatch

Review Ford Focus 3 RS to know that it is a bad ass car. After years of rallying around, finally there is a ruffian car. It is not for the mild mannered ones. The new Focus RS, the hot hatch is going Global and will be available in all the markets.

So, what’s new? It is packing a punch at 316 plus horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a new drivetrain which supports Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control and distributes equal power across the axles. This practical hatchback is going sporty.

Ford Focus 3 RS inside

The Powering Contrivance – Review Ford Focus 3 RS

Borrowed from the Mustang, the 2.3 litre Eco-Boost four cylinder engine with a lot of its own twists and tugs is the force behind it. The cylinder heads have been upgraded and have tougher block liners. All new aerodynamics makes it breathe more. The power gets a dose of boost with twin-scroll turbo which has bigger compressors and intercoolers to keep its head cool. Paired with a six speed gearbox it drives great.

The delivery projected is of 316 horsepower, with a resounding track of pops and crackles on the drive.

Review Ford Focus 3 RS back

The car has an all-wheel drive with electronically disciplined clutch which can throw 70% of torque to the rear wheels at any time. The Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control can divert 100% of that torque to each rear wheels, especially the outer one while turning corners. Review Ford Focus 3 RS to observe the curves and bends just became smoother like the belly of a ballerina.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires paired with 19 inch alloys wheels offer firmer grip and now while accelerating around the corners, there is reduced understeer.

The Aggressive Exterior

The exterior is striking and looks like ripped off right from the rally ring. The front adorned with the large grill, a bold logo, the splitter, a visible intercooler and the cooling ducts make it look big and mean. Add to it the LED running lights and the impression is of power.

The side profile has widened wheel base to support the 19 inch alloy wheels, otherwise it is standard RS style. A gargantuan aerodynamic diffuser commands the back with twin exhausts on either side. The new Ford Focus 3 RS is certainly flexing its muscle and is not afraid to display its ruggedness.

The exterior will be awashed in Nitrous Blue, Stealth Gray, Absolute Black, and Frozen White.

The Racing Interiors

The interiors are synonymous with a race car. The seats are Recaro, steering is flat bottomed with alloy sports pedals and a new shifter.

The electronic assemblage features an 8 inch touch screen with audio system, sat-nav, and a climate control system which can be voice operated or with a touch screen. The connectivity is by SYNC which is standard RS. The interior is flushed in RS badges.

Review Ford Focus 3 RS and you can just command your car with the address and it will cruise you there.

And, with the price tag of under $ 35,000, it is going to be a great bargain and will be a stiff rival for cars like Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf R, etc.

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Ford Focus 3 RS insideReview Ford Focus 3 RS backFord Focus 3 RS blueFord Focus 3 RS front