Review Ford Mustang 6 – The Powerful Pony Car

Review Ford Mustang 6 – The Powerful Pony Car

The all new Ford Mustang 6 is chic, polished, and powerful and preserves its legacy. With an assemblage of engine and stick, this is set to shame 500 horses on the track, and that’s some punch to pack.

Ford Mustang 6 red

It is classy, it is powerful, and it is iconic! The pony car’s new avatar is all mean and muscle. It has shed its air conditioning to mean it is all new class in business. With improved aerodynamics and power boost, it is set to put your racetrack on fire. Review Ford Mustang 6 now!

Review Ford Mustang 6 – The Powerhouse

This sixth generation power train has an assortment of engine line-ups. The base starting from 3.7 litre V6 which will churn out 300 horsepower lacks much of the fun options. Upgrade to the 4 cylinder turbo charged V8 and the fun begins. The 5.0 litre V8 tosses out an impressive 435 horsepower at 4000 rpm and a torque of 400 pound feet at 4250 rpm. Then there is the ultimate 5.2 litre V8 which is going to shame 500 plus horses on the track. Review Ford Mustang 6 to know about other specs and power performance assemblage.

Ford Mustang 6 red
  • Six speed automatic gear box with manual shift mode
  • Port fuel injection
  • 0-60mph in a measly 4.5 secs
  • A top speed of 164 mph
  • Powerful deceleration from 70 – 0 in 175 feet due to the commanding Brembo brakes
  • Fuel mileage on highway: 25 mpg
  • Fuel mileage in city: 16 mpg
  • Carbon fibre wheels wrapped up in Michelin tyres

The Outward Classic Angular Looks

The new mustang carries its classic angular look, but is a knock out. It has taken a wider and lower stance and sits on haunches which give the muscular and powerful feel. The front has been evolved to improve the aerodynamics of the car which helps in reducing the drag on the track. The front hood has a bulge with angular shaping and clear lines. The front grill is adorned with the sliver racing pony emblem. The front and the rear have triple tilted bar lamps. The roofline slants rapidly towards the rear which has circular exhaust vents.

The Innards

The inner bowels of the car affirm the new arrival on the block. Cloth seats and plastic parts make up the base model but build up extra cash and go premium to have the feel of luxury with Recaro leather and sporty silver metallic accents. Review Ford Mustang 6 to see the inside theme is aerodynamic too with markings on the speed dial and the panel is neatly arranged and assembled. Below the air vents is the 8 inch LCD touch panel with a lot of options. The digital screen has indicators for air and fuel, vacuum intake, inlet air temperature. The infotainment package is loaded with Sony speakers, and Shaker pro audio system. Other widget packing includes the Bluetooth, USB ports, Sensors for blind spot parking, cross- traffic alerts, and backing assist.

Its wide wheel base of 107.1 inch insures good legroom in the front wheels. But the rear seats are just a token with cramped space and headroom due to sloping roofline.

The new Ford Mustang 6 is a castle with wide wheelbase and long length. Its powerful engine with smooth speed shift gives a sheer joy on acceleration and this car is way ahead than its rivals in class and power.

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