Review Ford S-MAX II – The Sports Activity Vehicle

Review Ford S-MAX II – The Sports Activity Vehicle

Ford’s sporty yet practical MPV is a blend of performance and comfort. With easily foldable and massaging seats, it is a pleasure to ride in. The deluge of petrol and diesel engine combination allows buyers to have a family vehicle of their choice.

Ford S Max II new

This sporty twin is more of the solemn Galaxy and when you review Ford S-MAX II you will come to know that it shares its ground work with the Mondeo. With the new S-MAX, Ford has proven the fact that fun need not be compromised with practicality. New S-Max is sporty, spacious, and a comfortable 7 seating MPV.

Review Ford S-MAX II – Redefining Power and Performance

The new Ford S-max comes with improved performance and power. The car has undergone a good overhaul under its bonnet and is coming up with a diverse line-up of petrol and diesel engines.

Ford S Max II cabine

The petrol layout includes 1.6 litre which tosses a power of 158 Psi and 2.0 litre EcoBoost which hurls out a power of 237 Psi. The diesel line-up consists of the improved and fuel efficient TDCi engines which will be available in power packages of 138 hp, 150 hp, and 180 hp. The petrol engines are punchy but low on fuel economy and cost maintenance, whereas the TDCi engines are both raunchy and fuel efficient, making them the engine of choice for many.

A five speed manual box will be paired with the 1.6 litre EcoBoost whereas the top ranging 2.0 litre, 240 hp EcoBoost will get the six speed automatic gearbox. With new adaptive power steering and added features like torque vector control and Active Nibble control, the new Ford S-max is expected to have advanced driving experience. Review Ford S-MAX II might say that these controls make the steering less responsive. Well, that’s for the driver to decide!

The Design and Style

Upfront the S-max shares the vaulted skeleton as its twin Galaxy. The difference in both is that S-max looks sportier, is lower and has a fine smoothed roofline. The front is rugged with a sleeker grille, circular fog lights, and slanted air vents. Overall it has an energetic feel.

The inside gets an assortment of as large as twenty new age technologies. Seat controls, steering adjustments, heat and cold controls, noise controls, hands free tail gate, and a plethora of drivers’ assists complete the assemblage.

The front and back seats have good room and they can be flattened at a touch of the button. The third row is not as spacious and is suitable for kids. The seats are comfortable but lack arm rests. The driver seat is a little elevated with good view of the road and the steering has a slight tilt towards the windscreen. The interior, especially the rear, has a lot of plastic which looks cheap and is vulnerable to wear and tear.

Safety for the Family

Being a family MPV this car is good in safety features. The NCAP gave it an overall of 5 stars Euro rating. Safety features include glare free lights, excellent driver assist features, traffic light recognitions, sat-nav, speed controls, lane assist, and lots of seat bags. The problem is the lack of seat bags in the third row, thus making those passengers susceptible to injuries.

When you review Ford S-MAX II set against the Peugeot 5008 and Renault Grand Scenic in the market, it is pricier though, and the rivals, especially the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso may be regarded more value for money.

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