Review Honda Civic Type R – The New Hot Hatch around the Block

The new hot hatch from the Honda took its time to arrive and this new apotheosis is going to enthral some and daunt some. It has the same engine as the previous version albeit some calibrations and adjustments. Review Honda Civic Type – R, the new personification launched in Geneva motor show, is set to diversify opinions.

The External Persona – Review Honda Civic Type – R

Honda Civic Type-R front

The new look of the CTR is more hooligan and devilish albeit minus the devil horns seen in the concept. The new model has gone boisterous with the look of a ‘Race car of the road’. The frontispiece is sporting two grills on the upper and lower bumpers. Both have been enlarged in size and there are two air intakes on each side for keeping the engine’s head cool. It will work on your head or not it is to be seen. Then the front is also flashing a splitter which keeps the car down to the ground by creating downforce. The side and rear all have been designed to aid cooling and improve aerodynamics. Thus side panels too are parading air vents. The LED collection has front lights that look like a half closed eye and there is a horizontally placed fog light. The rear has gone stylish as compared to the older model and consists of aeromechanic diffuser and four circular exhaust vents.

The wheel arches have gone wide and the wheel is carrying a hint of red in form of a thin red strip.

The Dashing Inner Belly

Honda Civic Type-R front

Review Honda Civic Type – R to see the innards are awash in the reds and blacks. There is a hint of red in almost everything on the insides. The seats are wrapped in suede like material and in a combination of red and black and have ample side support. The steering is also red and black with some leather additions and has a sporty look. The complete dashboard is a mirage of red and black.

Drivetrain Specs

When you review Honda Civic Type – R, you will come to know that it has not disappointed its fans who were eagerly waiting for some power and punch. Though it sports the same engine but the adjustments have really made a difference in its performance. The turbo charged four cylinder, 2.0 litre VTEC is a direct injection engine and has a capacity to churn out a power of 310 PS and a low torque of 295 LB-FT at 2,500 revolutions per minute. It is mated with a six speed manual gearbox and it can hit 0-60 mph in 5.7 secs. The top speed claim is a good 167mph.

The steering performance has improved with an adaptive damping control and torque vector control but it can play a dampener for the track maniacs. The force to stop this hot hatch is facilitated by the Brembo brakes.

Honda has delved deep into the aerodynamics, and downforce mechanisms to make this car stick to ground and get a good grip. The drive thrill has gone down and will be a cause of disconcert in the race enthusiasts.

4 Photos of the Review Honda Civic Type R – The New Hot Hatch around the Block

Honda Civic Type-R frontHonda Civic Type-R insideHonda Civic Type-R backHonda Civic Type-R red