Review Honda Pilot III – The New Apparition

Review Honda Pilot III and your one glance at this 8 seater family minivan will make you realize that Honda means pure business with this vehicle. Quite popular in its segment since its inception, it is still one of the most acclaimed family minivan.

Externally the Car has Gone Curvaceous – Review Honda Pilot III

Honda Pilot III cabine

Completely schemed on a new platform, its grandiloquence extends to new aerodynamics, technologies, and ambidexterity. This may seem like a too good to be true claim but its Honda! One look at the vehicle and you would know that Honda has succeeded. Review Honda Pilot III to know the new apparition has arrived with the boxed look which is more refined having soft flowing lines, sculpted panels, and complete sleeker feel. The front looks strong in a classy way. The front grill has strong chrome bars with the badge atop it. The top chrome bar extends on both sides to incorporate LED panelling which has hints of orangish red in it. The lower bumper has horizontal LED lights with air intakes and two additional fog lights. The side sheet metals are exquisite with soft rugosity and gentle artistic modelling. The new styling continues to the rear too which has a natural clean and crisp feel. The slanting roofline, new panoramic sunroof, wide wheel base, 20 inch alloy wheels, all add to it sportier appeal.

Inwards, it is up to date

The inside is the real unfolding. The new Honda Pilot has gone up to date. The concept is modern, chic and flows with the time. It has not tried to be super rich, thus a lot of plastic remains. The dashboard and central console get new framework with comfortable easy to use layout. There is an 8 inch touchscreen embedded in the front flanked on either side by A/C vents. The modern interface will be powered by android support which now has a new sat-nav. The rear flaunts a 9 inch infotainment panel which can play DVD and Blu-ray. Additional USB ports, hands free, Bluetooth are all standard in upcoming model.

Honda Pilot III white

Its seats are comfortable and both the back rows can fold flat at a touch of a button to make the cabin as cargo shuttle. There are various storage bins in door panels, central cargo as well with the central panel having space to fit a full size I-pad.

The Drive and Performance

As far as the drive is concerned, power was never an issue with this big car. Still with an offer of single engine, cargo hauling capacity is limited. Honda Pilot has a single 3.5 litre iVTEC, which will be direct injection based and paired with either a 6 speed or a 9 speed automatic gearbox. It is expected to churn out an impressive 224KW/300hp and a torque of 260 lb-ft. The Pilot will be available in a choice of a front wheel or an all-wheel drive and automatic stop/start. This will enable the big vehicle to handle itself well on the turns and on low traction surfaces. It is not a serious off roader but the new upgrades will make it handy on low traction areas.

The driving assist features include lane assist, all parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, camera mounted mirrors, front collision mitigation, and adaptive cruise control.

What’s amazing is that the driver will be under constant scrutiny of the car and the car will automatically correct any deviation without the driver even getting a hint. Review Honda Pilot III to realize all that amazing what technology can do!

4 Photos of the Review Honda Pilot III – The New Apparition

Honda Pilot III insideHonda Pilot III cabineHonda Pilot III frontHonda Pilot III white