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Till 2015 model, Jaguar XF was built on the platform of Jaguar- S and had some age to it. Beneath the posh and luxurious cover there was an old world grace and charm. Still, the ageing tag was worrisome to the team of Jaguar.

Come 2016 model, and the new Jaguar is completely redesigned from a new frame, new and advanced tech and some appealing interiors.

Jaguar XF 2 inside

Review Jaguar XF 2 to observe that the team of Jaguar has not left any stone unturned and have torn the car down for this remodelling. Down from the platform, up the body and interiors, all have been remodelled.

The Style Statement – Review Jaguar XF 2

This remodelling has given way to a much lighter, spacier, and sportier mid-size luxury sedan with improved aerodynamic performance. The weight loss claim is impressive. It has lost 56.8 kg in the rear wheel drive and a whopping 120 kg in the all-wheel drive, all thanks to the aluminium chassis.

Jaguar XF 2 inside

The size of the car is same with the wheelbase increasing by two inches. This has increased the much wanted legroom in the rear. The front sports rectangular shaped grill fringed on both sides by LED headlamps which resemble eye slits of a jaguar. The lower bumper is bordered by air intakes. The roofline is sloping and the metal sheet has some sharp cuts and the pillars are aligned to lengthen the car at the rear. The rear end is sharply cut with a rounded glass window.

The under hood story

The new model has cut down sharply on the range of engine lineups. The previous model used to boast an impressive line up of 8 trims but the upcoming version will be having a meagre choice of two versions.

There is the antecedent 3.0 litre supercharged six cylinder V6 churning out 340 bhp and a turning power of 332 foot-pounds. The higher end version will have the same V6 but it will generate 380 horsepower and same amount of turning power. Both have been mated with an eight speed automatic and manual option is absent as of now. There is a choice in all wheel drive or rear wheel drive. The sprint to 60 mph is claimed at 5.1 seconds which is amazing.

There may be a later addition of a diesel engine and a 5.0 litre V8.

The Belly Tale

The previous version had a problem with an outdated technology. Dashboard is where the most remarkable up-haul is evident. The dashboard sports a head-up infotainment panel having a standard 8 inch display which can be customized to a 10.2 inch InControl Touch pro system with dual view technology. It has compatibility with Android and Apple and voice control will make life easier. Sound system is excellent with Meridian surround sound.

Review Jaguar XF 2 to observe that the technology update extends to some awesome driver assists. Complete collision warning, lane assist, cruise control which can handle the car in dense traffic are some of the practically useful features. It also has semi-automatic parking assist, driver-drowsiness monitor, and an intelligent speed limiter which can read traffic signs and adjust speed accordingly.

One area that has seen significant improvement is its handling. Compared to the previous models, the car has excelled itself in comfort, agility, and response.

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