Review Jeep Renegade – Truly Rebellious

The word “Jeep” conjures up images of an open olive green donning vehicle being driven around by rugged uniformed men in World War 2 and Vietnam War scenes. Not to mention its omnipresence in the hugely popular serial – MASH!

Fast forward to today the brand “Jeep” has come a long way in its offerings to the open market. The latest in its stable is “Jeep Renegade” and a renegade it truly is. Deviating grossly if not radically from its earlier offerings, the company has tried to mate the able off roader with more mainstream features and design.

Jeep Renegade inside

Review Jeep Renegade to observe that the 2015 edition of it ticks most of the check boxes for being a great off roader without being too harsh on the pockets. Let’s see why:

The Packaging – Review Jeep Renegade

It is cute and its strikingly cheerful design is sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face. Some nifty additions to the vehicle include heated mirrors to ward off fogging, thus keeping them clean, especially during wintry months. “My Sky” features two roof panels which can either be retracted or completely removed and stashed away. The Easter egg design of the Renegade rides on 18 inch aluminum polished wheels. Its body colors can be customized as per the availability on the official website.

Jeep Renegade red

Under the Hood

The space beneath the hood may be filled up by a frugal 160 HP 1.4 litre turbo four mated to a six speed manual transmission or there stands an option to ramp up the horse power by another 20 HP by opting for a 2.4 liters engine with a nine speed automatic transmission.

With a rated top speed of 181 km per hour, it accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in 8.7 seconds and it offers respectable performance parameters.

The Interiors

The seats come in a leather trim or a cloth covered option. The designers have paid special attention to the creature and driving comforts to the occupants. The rear seats offer some very flexible folding options which can greatly enhance the storage space depending on your particular requirements. The instrument panel is adorned by a clear and bright 6.5 inch touchscreen display which doubles up as a navigation aid and a media control panel. An added functionality of Bluetooth connectivity to mobile phone for voice calls and text messages is a welcome addition. There is a 7 inch driver information system which is seamlessly mated to steering mounted controls, providing “handy” access to the navigation and parking software modules.

When you review Jeep Renegade, you get to see further building on to the available creature comforts such as heated seats, warmed steering wheel, and a dual zone climate control.

The Ride

Though it comes with decent configurations in both its 160 HP and 180 HP models, the Renegade wouldn’t really smoke the gravel on the road. However its squat carriage and good cornering abilities make it a pleasure to drive on the tarmac and off it.

Though the diehard Jeep aficionados may still turn a crooked nose towards the new Renegade, they surely would have a lot to cheer about once they get their hands real dirty with this cutie without burning a deep hole in the pocket.

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