Review KIA OPTIMA: Mature and Refreshing

Review KIA OPTIMA to realize the Korean Giant, Kia Motors, has definitely carved a sweet niche for it in the highly competitive automobile industry over the last couple of decades and the new Optima is sure to take it a few notches further.

The Exteriors – Review KIA OPTIMA


Before delving into the nitty gritty of torques, horse powers, and engine displacements what catches the eye and consequently the mind for any car is the looks. The Optima 2015 scores heavily in this department. With a thin smiling “tiger nose” grill, its front end is aggressively styled and the aft complements the fore with sculpted and sporty looks. Overall the looks are very futuristic and somewhat, if I may say so, swoopy. The wheels underneath this swanky chassis come in two options either 16 inch or 18 inch rubbers. The wheelbase has been marginally increased from the previous model and now stands at 110.4 inches.

Review KIA OPTIMA – The Power Train

There are three engine configurations that can be sought while buying OPTIMA. The top of the line is a 2.4 litre naturally aspirated and four cylindered generating 185 HP and mated to a six speed automatic transmission. Next is the turbo charged 2.0 T churning out 247 HP with a six speed automatic transmission. Last but not least is a manual transmission driven 1.6 liter engine which generates a respectable 178 HP of power. Though Kia Motors has not put forth the performance numbers, it is not difficult to assume that these would be pretty impressive too, especially for the turbo charged version.


The Interiors

The interiors complement the exteriors and this is what makes the vehicle very desirable in its segment. The engineers have taken extra care to make the seats stiffer and more cushioned to cater for a very comfortable ride. The dashboard and the doors carry genuine stitching which gives a very plush effect. The front seats are available with power adjusting and heat ventilation options. Depending on how much dough you can dish out the upscale models carry leather and Napa leather upholsteries. When you review KIA OPTIMA, you realize that the safety of passengers is taken care of by three point seat belts along with full length side curtain airbags in addition to the standard offerings of dual front advanced airbags.

Infotainment – Review KIA OPTIMA

The patented Uvo infotainment system of Kia Motors finds an abode in this engineering piece too. This not only issues alerts for high speed driving but also integrates into both android and apple families of mobile phones through a 4.0 Bluetooth patch, thus allowing the making and receiving calls and text messages while driving a breeze. It also incorporates an able GPS chip for Navigational needs. If that weren’t enough, the infotainment system is mated to a 14 speaker behemoth blaring 630 Watts of sound. Other goodies include a 360 degree camera and a blind spot detection system to aid the driver. With all this, the price hovers around the $22000 mark.

When you review KIA OPTIMA completely, you conclude that the new Optima is not only a head turner but an efficient and comfortable mid-size sedan.

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