Review Lamborghini Aventador SV: Clandestine Racing Looks

The Italian automobile powerhouse Lamborghini introduced the Aventador model in 2011 -2012. Ever since its inception the Aventador has seen a continuous evolution. Review Lamborghini Aventador SV for more of its features with the latest one labeled Aventador SV unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor show earlier this year.

The Stupendous Exterior – Review Lamborghini Aventador SV

Lamborghini Aventador SV inside

If one had to sum up the description of the “SV”, especially the one that comes in “Rosa BIA” Red, it would be like the Ironman with 21-inch tires attached. The designers and aero-dynamists have done such a stupendous job on this machine that they have been able to decrease the drag by 150% and increase the downforce by a whopping 170% as compared to the previous models. The company has completely redesigned the fenders and the doors of the car and most of it has been carved out of carbon fiber. This has helped in shaving off 110 pounds of “excess baggage” from the overall weight.

The Beast Inside

This perhaps would give a reviewer of automobiles the most pleasure to write about. The newly tuned V-12 engine with a 6.5-liter displacement belts out an astounding 740 HP at 8400 RPM. It would be worthwhile to mention that the torque thus generated is about 509 pounds to a foot. All this power reflects amply on the performance numbers being churned out. The top speed is in the vicinity of 348 KMPH. The decrease in the body weight and the new design has helped the car to easily beat the 3-second mark when accelerating from zero to 100 KMPH. The mile- stone is achieved in the blink of an eye – well not exactly but just a wee bit more – in 2.8 seconds. The 200 KPH comes in 8.6 seconds and the 300 KPH ticker is achieved in about 24 seconds. Review Lamborghini Aventador SV all by yourself to realize that if these numbers don’t impress you, well, then nothing can!

Lamborghini Aventador SV yellow

The Interiors

A super luxurious material known as the “micro suede” in the shade of black covers most of the interior surfaces, giving the innards a very rich and sophisticated feel. The seats have been fashioned in typical sports car mode with nifty yellow colored inserts. The steering wheel comes in customizable colors and this too is also fashioned out of carbon fiber. The steering wheel bears a number of controls including the gear shift paddles.


Though the official pricing has not yet been announced, the initial estimates peg the price ticket around $500,000 when it is let loose on the markets in the latter half of 2015. The launch of the car would be with the “Rosa BIA” red and five more colors. It wouldn’t be prudent not to touch upon some rivals of this mid segment behemoth. The first and foremost is the yet to be released ‘Pagani Huayra Roadster’ which too may hit the 0 to 100 kph mark in less than 3 seconds with a 720 HP 6 liter V 12 engine.

Review Lamborghini Aventador SV to conclude that with a hugely powerful drive train and heart stopping performance, it can be easily categorized as a race car but not quite so.

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