Review Mercedes AMG c63 – A Treat to the Eyes

Review Mercedes AMG c63 to know that the famous three-point star stable has brought in the latest edition of the AMG63 (2015) as an even more refined and luxurious sedan for the pocket heavy and discerning buyer.

Review Mercedes AMG c63 – The Exteriors

Mercedes AMG c63 grey

Its predecessor oozed did not show oomph but what seemed like bucket loads of pent-up vexation with its aggressive looks and inimitable sound. These angry looks and “groans” have been retained in the latest avatar of the vehicle though on paper the configuration of the engine seems a little low on power if compared to the earlier models. The styling has seen some deviation towards the more modish S class but is hugely catchy at the same time. When you review Mercedes AMG c63, you can observe overall it foregoes the older car’s meaner looks but retains the essence of “being piqued”.

Story under the Mantle

Beneath the beautiful hood looks a beast which has been pruned down from the older 6.2 L V8 to a twin turbo 4.0-liter churner. Though seemingly low on displacement as mentioned earlier, the V8 belts out 469 HP of power, generating close to 480 pounds of torque. If that is not enough, the company offers to ramp up the power bay another 40 odd HPs by paying a cool $10000 extra. This top model would be designated c63 S.

Mercedes AMG c63 white

Review Mercedes AMG c63 closely to realize that the game of number crunching is obviously interesting. The top speed is limited electronically in the base model to 155 MPH whereas the “S” or the spruced up model is capable of a hair-raising top speed of 180 MPH. The zero to 60 MPH mark is made in 3.9 seconds which amply quells any doubts that remain about the performance of the c63 engine. Though the engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, yet some manual over ride can be implemented with steering-mounted paddles. All this power and grace runs on 19-inch wheels which glue with the body through an AMG patented suspension.

Interestingly unlike other AMG models, this C63 sedan is a rear wheel drive but that may soon change to an all-wheel drive in yet to be introduced more sporty versions of C63.


Needless to say, the interiors are far superior to anything in its class and very upmarket in its feel. This is the only vehicle which comes close is the redoubtable BMW M3. The steering wheel has a thick chunky feel with the trademark three-star insignia and number of steering mounted controls. Satellite navigation comes as a standard option but adding on more nifty goodies would require few more thousands of Benjamins. The sporty seats are thickly bolstered and the steering wheel bears the gear shift paddles for manual overrides. The dashboard bears an 8.4 inch LCD screen which manages the entire infotainment system and has a very super luxury feel to it not matched by either the Audi or BMW in its class.

Price of the Beauty

The base model costs around $62000 and the “S’’ model sets you on the road at $72000. People with humongous and deep pockets can shell out another $2000 for a safety kit including a driver assistance system.

Overall the C63 is worth every dollar that the buyer can shell out!

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